Beta Reading and Copy Editing

I offer beta reading and copy editing services for commercial fiction, specializing in horror, fantasy, and science fiction novels or novellas. I understand the challenges of writing clear and cogent prose and will use my experiences as a published author and English teacher to help you write the best story possible. Rates and descriptions of services provided are below. Payments for services are done through PayPal. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about what I offer. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to speak with you soon!

Beta Reading:

I will read your manuscript and send you a Word or Google doc full of my notes, observations, questions, and suggestions for revising plot structure, character development, and other story elements. I do my best to provide critical and constructive feedback to help you write the best story possible. My beta reading rate is $.001 per word. For example, if your manuscript is about 80,000 words long, then the cost would be $80. Recommended if you only need a professional assessment of your manuscript before or after editing.

Copy Editing:

I will do my best to correct grammar and spelling mistakes, clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, and polish language for smoothness and clarity while maintaining your voice and style. I will edit your manuscript and track the changes on a word document before sending it back to you for approval. Editing requires more time and effort than beta reading, so I charge $30 per hour for any editing request. As a bonus, I will include beta reading notes of your current manuscript for free.

If you are unsure that I’m the right editor or beta reader for you, then send me the first 3-5 pages of your work for a free edit or beta read as a test to see if I’m a good fit for your needs.


“5-Star Beta Reader and Reviewer! David beta-read my 540 page novel
on schedule and gave me remarkably thorough and constructive feedback.
Nothing vague or superficial, he was specific and constructive, which made
his feedback very useful. He also made himself available for follow-up
questions, so it was not a “hit and run” experience, he cares about the
product and your satisfaction. Highest recommendation!”

-L Brown, author of David: Savakerrva

“David edited the first draft of my fourth novel. Of the six editors I’ve used, David was by far the most thorough and professional. Not only did he identify a plethora of errors, he provided solid recommendations on wording, sentence structure, and para organization. After I got over the sting of my writer imperfections, it occurred to me what a gift it was to have an honest and sometimes brutal assessment. I believe his editing has taken my writing to the next level. Moreover, David completed the edit before the promised due date! I almost hate to let everyone know what an awesome editor David is because he might become so busy he won’t have time for me. May he live long and continue to edit my novels. Many thanks David!!”

-NS Austin, author of Stolen World (

“David is a pleasure to work with. He provides relevant, knowledgeable, detailed and constructive feedback. He has a great sense for vital narrative elements. His expert feedback was essential in getting my manuscript closer to publication. Highly recommended!”

-Kirk Hammond, author of Opposable

“David Matteri read my long fantasy novel with utmost care, professionalism, and with thorough eyes. He noticed small inconsistencies with characters and plot threads that went unnoticed by other beta readers. He was able to pinpoint issues down to specific sentences and words which helped me see where my book needed improvement. He offered suggestions for each chapter, not just the book as a whole, which I appreciated. I would recommend David to any author seeking a beta reader for their book.”

-Erika McCorkle

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