What I’m Reading and Writing: April, 2019

I’ve fallen behind in my reading goal for the year due to my writing and editing projects. My goal this year is to read thirty books. Unfortunately, I have only read four books so far this year and, according to Goodreads, I’m four books behind schedule! Still planning on completing my reading of Farrer’s 40k novel, but I’m being distracted by Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Gaiman’s novel is so good and better than I expected, so I will probably finish that one first and have a full review later. One thing I appreciate about Gaiman’s writing is that he does a great job using short, direct sentences that show a lot of emotion and carry a lot of dramatic weight. It’s not easy to do, but he pulls it off well and his style keeps me engaged and coming back for more.

I recently finished doing some developmental edits for a couple of books, so that has given me more time to do more of my own writing before the next editing job. Planning on taking a short break from the novel writing experience to write and submit some short stories to a few journals and contests in the next couple of months, which should be fun. Writing a novel is like planning and constructing a home full of hidden rooms and trap doors. It’s a long process, so it’s nice to write some short fiction and try to capture lightning in a bottle as a break.

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