What I’m Writing: March, 2019

Progress on my YA urban fantasy novel continues. I recently joined Scribophile to post my chapters and get feedback from other readers and writers. So far, I’m happy with their services and would recommend it to other writers. Earlier this week I put up the first chapter of the novel and was happy get critical feedback from four different readers. Yay! Each reader pointed out different areas that need improvement and the challenge is to consider which advice to follow and which to ignore. It reminds me of the writing advice I heard a long time ago when it comes to receiving feedback from other readers: “Reader A will think one thing, Reader B will think another, and Reader C will think somebody farted.”

One thing I noticed was that many of my sentences sound alike and are repetitive. I’m glad someone caught onto this so that gives me a goal to work towards. I also need to focus on pacing and adding more sensory details to paint a stronger image for my reader.

In addition, I’m also starting an epic fantasy series that I hope will last at least three books or longer. I’m excited about starting this story because the characters and plot have been floating around in my head ever since high school. These ideas have evolved and changed over time, but the essence has remained the same. I’m happy to have finished a rough plot diagram for the first book and to have started writing the first chapter.

Looking forward to sharing more of my writing progress next month!

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