What I’m Reading: March, 2019


This month I’m attempting to read two books at once: Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Matthew Farrer’s Crossfire, which is the first book in a Warhammer 40k trilogy following the adventures of Shira Calpurnia. So far, I am enjoying both books, but for different reasons.

Atwood’s classic dystopian gripped me from the very first page. It’s written in a stream-of-consciousness POV that I really like and adds to the growing terror of living in this nightmare future. I see why this is considered a classic and am eager to read on and find out what happens next. I may even watch the TV show after reading and see how it compares. It looks like it will be a fast read, so I will probably finish it within a week or two and follow up with a full review later.

Atwood’s novel is layered with heavy social and political commentary and will no doubt feed my mind. Farrer’s Enforcer, however, will be my dessert. It has action, intrigue, and features a bad-ass MC. I’ve read the Eisenhorn novels from the 40k universe before and enjoyed the sci-fi/horror setting. This will be my first time reading the adventures of Shira Calpurnia and I wonder what surprises and thrills are in store for me. One criticism that I have of the 40k books, though, is that they tend to get predictable after a while. A mystery unfolds and the ruinous powers of the Chaos Gods are usually at the heart of a convoluted conspiracy. Space marines are called, bolters are fired, and all the characters I like end up dying. Either way, I still look forward to reading this after The Handmaid’s Tale and will have a full review of this as well.


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