What I’m Writing: February, 2019

I’ve been blogging about what I’ve been reading once or twice a month. I enjoy sharing my thoughts about the books I’m reading and plan to continue, but now I’d like to share what I’m writing as well. I hope this series of blog posts will be informative for anyone who is interested in learning about my writing process. Who knows, maybe other authors in the future will join the conversation and share their methods as well.

As of now, I have two projects in the editing/beta reading stages: an anthology of short horror fiction and a YA urban fantasy. The anthology is a collection of most of my previously published short fiction and a few that are unpublished. The YA novel involves a teenager who runs away from home and gets into trouble with angels and demons (more on that later). A few beta readers have offered their thoughts and now I’m cleaning up plot holes, inconsistencies, and other bits. It feels like working on a pair of ice sculptures, chipping away steadily each day until they are as ready as they can be. The next step is to plan on how to publish and market these books. Self-publishing seems appealing, but I must do a lot of research into the mysterious ways of marketing and advertising. It sounds like a fun challenge, so I might share my thoughts on that process later.

Another project in the works is a fantasy novel. The idea for this work started back in high school and it has stayed with me ever since. After over a decade of percolating in my brain, I feel like it’s time to put it down in writing. I’ve started writing notes on characters and setting because building a whole world, cultures, religions, etc. from scratch takes time to do well. Last month I purchased the writing program Scrivener and, after doing some tutorials, found it a pleasure to work with. It has a lot of useful features, like tracking chapters and templates for character sketches.

That’s all for now. Expect another update next month!


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