“On the Dark, Wondrous Optimism of Ray Bradbury” by Gabrielle Bellot

2012 was a memorable year for me. It was the year I graduated from Cal State East Bay with a BA in English with an option in Creative Writing and it was the year when the world was supposed to end. However, according to the Mayans, the world wasn’t going to “end,” but instead go through a tremendous change. This change made itself apparent when Ray Bradbury passed away. I had recently published my first short story “The Rest Area,” and felt like I had taken the first step into a large and wonderful world. I was sad to hear of Bradbury’s passing, but I was also inspired to continue writing to honor his legacy by contributing to the world of speculative fiction.

Bradbury may be gone, but his vibrant prose and imaginative stories continue to inspire others and spur lively discussions on the nature of his work. Gabrielle Bellot, a staff writer for the Literary Hub, recently posted essay on how Bradbury’s optimism and pessimism go hand-in-hand throughout his stories. You can read her essay and other cool literary discussions here: http://lithub.com/on-the-dark-wondrous-optimism-of-ray-bradbury/


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